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Four bedroom house
Green Bay, WI

Hi, I am Shea and this is mah crib on the west side of beautiful Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Letís start on the main floor. This is the kitchen and dining room area. Itís a good place to cook food and eat it.

This is the living room. It doesnít get used much except for reading the paper.

Now weíll move to the upstairs. This is the master bedroom. The bed is a good place for sleeping. Notice the large quantity of pillows on the bed.

This is a spare bedroom. It is fairly small and also does not get used much.

This is Jillís secret room. She keeps her computer, books, and clothes in here.

This is the upstairs bathroom. You can shower and go to the toilet here. We are in the process of redoing the floor and trim, so thatís why it looks a little funky.

Now weíll go to the lower level. This house is a split-level, so it actually has four levels. This is the bar in the family room. It has a sink and a small refrigerator. I mostly make whiskey old fashioneds down here. If you stop buy, Iíll whip you one up.

This is the rest of the family room. The fireplace is gas, but the tv runs on electricity.

This is my secret room. I keep my computer in here. I also store my CDs and my brotherís record collection here (he doesnít have a turntable).

This is the basement. Half of the basement is finished and the other half isnít. We keep our fitness-related items down here. My drums are also down here.

Now weíll move outside. This is the garage. We keep my Jeep and Jillís Passat in here.

This is the pool. In the summer when it gets hot, you can swim in there. It was just opened last week, so there is still some sludge in it. We spend a lot of weekends out here in the summer, drinking beer and having an incredible time.

Hereís some more of the backyard. We had a lot of landscaping done last year because the old stuff was starting to look pretty shabby.

Well, thatís about it. Catch you later. Wow, cool doorbell.

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