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Condo - 2 bedrooms
Chicago, IL

You are entering Chateau Koetter. It is a two bedroom, two bath estate located in the upscale/transitional Warehouse district nieghborhood in Chicago. Shellie (the wife) and I am Sam, purchased this abode in May of 2004.

The front "great room" is where we spend most of our time. The fact that there is a kitchen, couch and a TV in one room means that we have no choice but to spend a lot of time here. (notice bed sheet drapes in the background. We had just moved in and hadn't done much decorating yet)

Here is my fireplace at Christmas time. It's never been used other than the candles we have in there. Real fire is too dirty for us and who has the space to keep firewood in Chicago?

See this? That's a table.

When Shellie is out of town, I invite the guys over and we sit here to drink beverages, chew tobacco, eat food, and play Texas Hold'em until one or more of us cannot stay awake any longer. Here is one now.

Moving a full 3.5 feet over is an island.

Everyone stands around this during parties b/c it 1) is in the kitchen--the place where everyone hangs out during parties. 2) is circular in nature--which allows us to face and talk with each other. And 3) works great as a place to rest drinks while playing with a breathalizer. In case you haven't invested in a breathalizer, stop reading this now and go purchase one. They are great party toys. The record is .28%, but that was immediately after a shot of booze which isn't really playing the game fairly now is it.

Let's saunter over to the south wing; which contains the bathrooms, bedrooms, lavish flower garden balcony, and a long hallway.. Yes, that's right, a hallway.

2nd bedroom/office. This is where we surf that www thing. And where everything goes that we can't find a place for anywhere else in the house.

2nd bathroom. Also rarely is used. At a Christmas party, a guy had 3 martinis in 40 minutes (thinking that anything in those dainty little glasses couldn't REALLY pack that much of a buzz) and passed out on the floor of this bathroom for about an hour. That's certainly the longest amount of time anyone has ever spent in here.

Long hall. This passageway is used to traverse the compound. One must use it to get to the master sleeping quarters. It could use some spice, we know.

Master Bedroom. Where our sleeping hours are spent. We both like sleep and sometimes get voilently angry when our alarm clocks wake us up in the morning for work. Shellie's alarm clock is one of those that wakes you up to birds chirping, the beach, rainforest, wierd whale noises, etc. A far more civilized way than a BEEP, BEEP, BEEPing noise that shocks you out of your skin in the morning. But that's how we roll. Me watching TV and reading

Closet. There have been attempts to kick me completely out of this space, but I won't have any of it.

Bathroom. For bathing, grooming and haircuts. Yes, I cut my own hair right on the floor in here.

Back balcony. This area is the place to be if one wants to grill meat, view flowers, pick herbs, view the city skyline and/or the back delivery entrance of a flower wholesaler.

And finally, my sweet ride.

Can't lock the doors to this car because it will turn the alarm on... and I have no way to turn the alarm off again. This car has not been locked for many many months now, but luckily it (and anything in it) isn't worth stealing.

That's it. You've seen my crib. See you next time.

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