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Two bedroom condo
Chicago, IL

Hey everybody, I am Roman and welcome to my crib/pad/casa/home/abode/residence. You get the picture. Anyways, this is where I live and lets start the tour...

This is my living room. I really like this room, and spend most of my time when I 'm at home in here. I 've spent many an hour here wondering/worrying if Jesse will pick Jessica, if Borowski will get the save, and if Ross will get Rachel. To enhance my tv experience Ialso recently upgraded my cable service to HDTV and it has been well worth it. Now Ireally feel like I 'm hanging out with the gang from the OC. Ialso like to watch movies and have this room set up for surround sound to enhance my DVD watching experience. Lets shove off to the dining area...

I don't use the dining area all that much since I like to eat my meals on the couch watching the tube. Did I mention I like to watch TV? The table is a hand-me-down from my folks. Some people like the dining set, and some people don't. I 'm not the biggest fan of it, personally, but since I don't use it that often I don't see a need to get a new table & chairs. The most recent meal I had at this table was when I had some hot dogs from murphy's with my parents & Jaimii. Murphy's is a damn good hot dog joint.

Speaking of food - let's see what's cooking in the kitchen.

This is my kitchen, I think it is pretty neat. believe or not, I actually love to cook. Today I just made a gallon or so of home made spaghetti sauce. I use a recipe that my grandma gave me and it is delicious! The gas stove here rules. When I first moved to the city the kitchen in my apartment had an electric stove. Let me tell you gas stoves make such a difference. Cooking is good times. also - Just outside the picture is my wine rack - wine is good stuff. After I 've had a bit too much wine, I 'd have to make over this way down the hall to hit the hay.

This hallway here is probably my main thoroughfare in my crib. It connects the back of my place where my deck/garage is to the front of the place where the living room & kicthen are. As one of my few art projects I saved some old punk rock posters & got them custom framed and lined the wall with them. I think it adds a nice touch to the hallway. The first stop to your right going down this hallway is my 2nd bedroom/office.

My office here is where I go to really geek out. Some people would consider me a big computer nerd, but hey it pays the bills. I have 3 computers running in my house all doing various tasks. I have my computers set up to turn my lights automatically on & off for me when I 'm on vacation. Yup - like I said - big time geek.

One of the 3 computers I have is affectionately referred to as ".net". this computer is what you are connecting to right now in order to see this website. I host about 15-20 websites on this computer and have actually learned a ton just by getting it set up & running. It doesn't hold any government secrets, but does have more than a few incriminating photos of friends of mine.

Did I hear you say you have to take a leak? Well that's good - let's stop in the bathroom then. I 'll show you around first. This is a pretty basic bathroom. There's a shower, crapper & sink in here. This room also has a diaper pail - don't get weird thoughts in your head because the chitlins aren't gonna pop out just yet. The diaper pail is actually used for holding the #1 & #2 of the other residents of my crib. You thought I was the only one that lived here? Nope - I have 2 little roommates. Let me introduce you to them...


This is Kennedy. She's named Kennedy because the people that found her as a kitten found her on the Kennedy expressway - so I decided to call her after the place where she grew up for the first few weeks of her life. She's a super rad cat and it really really friendly. She doesn't cover up her poop though and it make me angry sometimes, but then I look at her and quickly forget about the smell and quickly remember that she's a rad cat. Then I 'm not angry anymore. Anyways, she's a lap cat and loves to be by people. She drools sometimes when she gets real comfortable as well.


This is princess Chloe - and yes, she's the princess of my crib. She's a blue-point himalayan cat. She's a rad cat and a lap cat as well, but is pretty high maintenence. She's a daddy's girl and doens't like it when I 'm not home. Chloe just got a haircut because her fur was all matted. She normally looks about 3x bigger than she does here with her fur all grown in, but since it is close to summer I figured it wa a good time to get her cut. Plus she like her fur cut nice & short. Chloe actually just pulled me aside and asked me if she could show you her crib - I hope you don't mind. Just look at I this way - you get 2 cribs for the price of 1 in this episode.

Chloe's crib:

Hi - I 'm Chloe - here's my crib. It is a 3 story wooden box covered in 70's plush brown carpeting. I like to hang out in the penthouse most of the time and sleep here. Once my dad gets home, though, I like to run up to him and then hang out with him and follow him wherever he goes. Thanks for visiting my crib. Meow.

Thanks Chloe - I hope she didn't bore you too much. She was really excited to be featured on this episode of cribs. Anyways - let's pick up where we left off, and make our way down the hallway to my bedroom. Most of the time I sleep here, but I 've been known to sleep in some other precarious areas of my crib. Namely the hardwood floors & couches, and bathroom floors. Sometimes you just can't make it to the bedroom ya know?

In my closet there aren't too many too exciting items in here. I 've got a few designer pairs of boxer shorts from old navy and a good amount of t-shirts. This isn't mariah carey's crib, so my closet doesn't have too much to offer. Let's get out of here and head over to one of my favorite rooms...

This is where all the magic happens. My bathroom. I really like my bathroom - and as you can see I get pretty comfortable in here. I have a shower and a nice big tub with jacuzzi jets which is nice to use after working out. Just kidding - I hate working out so I don't use the jacuzzi jets' too often.

So here we are on my back deck/patio. I love to hang out back here when it is nice & warm outside. Since I 've moved to this crib I 've also been spending a lot of time on my deck grilling up meals on my BBQ. I recently went to costco and got some shrimp & steak and made shishkebabs on my grill. They were darn good. maybe one day the food network will come by and tape an episode of BBQ-U here. One can only dream.

It was a good time hanging with y'all. You take care of yourselves and I 'm gonna go take care of myself... if ya know what I mean. See ya around.


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