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Three bedroom house
Geneva, IL

Hello and welcome to La Casa de Regan in Geneva. It is about 45 minutes from Chicago on a good traffic day. Me, Mike, Fletcher (the dog) and Jose (the rabbit) have lived here for 4 years and really love it. Kelsey joined us early last year. Our house has 3 levels, 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a 2 car garage for our pimped out rides, and if we do say so ourselves a kick ass basement. But you will see for yourselves. So please come on in! Fletcher may stick his nose up your pooper so be careful!

As you enter you will see on your left the office area. This is where Mike works from home once in a while and where I check a-mail and visit Dr. Odd's website. It has French doors that can close people off which is nice when you like a quiet space to work. On the right we have the dining room. We rarely use this room but the paint is beautiful and bright. Fletcher sleeps here most of the day. You will also see many of Kelsey's toys here and throughout the entire house so please watch your step.

Down the hallway we have our small bathroom on the right. It is painted a really cool red but it was being used so we could not get a picture. Then you enter the family room and kitchen. We just got new couches for the family room. This is where we hang out and watch TV, play games, and read books. We spend the majority of our time in this room. It is a comfortable room and we have a great view of a wetland area from our back window.

The kitchen is where I cook fabulous gourmet meals on a regular basis since I am staying home. Hardly, but Mike can dream. We actually do cook a lot but nothing too fancy. It is a good sized kitchen although I would like to put a back splash in and paint the walls a different color. Maybe Dr. Odd could do a new series called Renovations and then he could help do the work?!?!?

Off of the "breakfast nook" (that is what the builder called it anyway) there is a large deck that overlooks our fenced backyard and a huge wetland area. We love our backyard and spend as much time as we can out there. We have a lookout basement so under our deck there is a large patio area where we keep Kelsey's plastic toys. Kelsey loves to run through the sprinkler and go swimming down there. The fence keeps Fletch in our yard. The view from our backyard is awesome and we see animals like coyote, rabbit, deer, muskrat, and all kinds of birds.

Off of the family room are the stairs to the bedrooms. We have 3 bedrooms. The first is Kelseys. Her room is decorated in a jungle theme and we have monkeys and butterflies hanging from the ceiling. She loves her room. Across the hall is the spare room which is undecorated and boring! But that will change. There is a daybed in there with a trundle bed so we can overnight guests.

The master bedroom is very large and comfortable. We have a great view of the wetands and not to sound like a Snow White movie but we can hear the birds in the morning. It is a very relaxing room. The master bath is nice. There is a soaker tub, a shower, 2 sinks and of course the toilet and a walk in closet. Mike does a wonderful job cleaning this room. Wait, now I am dreaming.

Now the best part of our home is the basement. This is where we have parties and get as crazy as we can while Kelsey is sleeping 3 floors up. We have a 65 inch TV with surround sound so we can watch movies at home and of course the Bears and the White Sox. I AM ONLY JOKING! GO CUBS! Behind the couch that sits in front of the TV is the wet bar. We keep cold beers in the fridge at all times and do our best to keep the bar stocked. There is a full bath down here as well. On the other side is Kelsey's play area and my workout room. It is actually a storage closet that we put the elliptical machine in but oh well. It works! Then we have access to the patio from here as well.

We hope that you city folk enjoyed taking a peek at life in the burbs. Please stop by any time you like. We always can use a babysitter! Or someone to cook and clean for us. Now get outta here!!!

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