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Three bedroom house
Green Bay, WI

Hi, my name is Paul, some people call me Zyne. I live in Green Bay, Wisconsin and I am happy to share my crib with you at Z’s request. I’ve been living in Green Bay for about 7 years since I got done with college. I’ve lived in this house for about 4.5 years. The house was built in 1970.

The first room is my living room. I like this room because it is roomy, good for hanging out in with friends, and watching TV etc. My stereo is in here too, so I like to sit in here and listen to tunes too. The futon folds out and is a good place to have friends sleep when they are visiting. The other couch makes a good bed for one person too. Let’s move on to my kitchen/dining area.

This is my kitchen/dining area. I cook food in here, store groceries and dishes in the cupboards and eat meals in here most of the time. I like to eat at the dinner table. I guess I might be a little old fashioned that way. I think it was how I was raised.

This is the guest room. In addition to the being a guest room this is my office. My computer is in here. Sometimes I work from home at night.

This is the main bathroom. There is a shower, sink, and a toilet. I have to shower every day because otherwise I get greasy and feel gross. Therefore I’m usually in here every morning.

This is my bedroom. I sleep in here every night. I also store some of my clothes in here. I have a hard time keeping it clean because I have a tendency to just throw my clothes on the floor when I go to bed. Let’s move to the other end of the house.

This is my half bathroom. I guess they call it that because there isn’t a shower or tub in here. That makes its only uses going number 1, number 2, or washing your hands. I don’t use this room very much, but it comes in handy when I have parties or when someone is in the other bathroom.

This is my workout room. I lift weights in here, run on my treadmill or ride the exercise bike in here. This stuff comes in handy in winter because it gets really cold in Green Bay and that makes me not want to go outside to exercise.

This is my 3 season room. They call it that because it isn’t insulated really well so you generally don’t use it in winter. It was an addition that was put on by a previous owner. There is a gas fireplace in here. This room has a cabin look and feel to it. While we’re right here why don’t I show you the back yard.

I grill out back here. I have some guests coming over for dinner tonight so this thing is going to get some use. As you can see, I just tore out my deck and I’m planning on putting something new in. I used to have a skateboard ramp back here, but the neighborhood kids found out about it so I decided to take it down when we got a skatepark here because I didn’t want to get sued by some kids parents if a kid got hurt. Come on, I’ll show you the garage.

This is my garage. I store my (and my fiancée’s) car and my Harley in here, as well as a bunch of other tools. If I move it will because this just isn’t big enough. I need a 3 stall garage. I’ll show you the basement.

This is the basement. This part is finished. The only time I really use this is when I have parties. The whole thing reminds me of the ‘70’s. There is a bar down here and I have a foosball table. The bar always has a ton of booze back there because I never know what someone will want to drink.

This is the non-finshished part of the basement. My punk rock band Almost 30 (www.almost-30.com) practices and plays down here when we have parties. It is a lot of fun. I also do my laundry down here and there is a small work shop on the other side of the furnace that doesn’t get much use.

That’s the end of the tour. Thanks for visiting. I have to ask you to leave now because I have things to do. Skate hard and skate for a reason.

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