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3 bedroom house
Louisville, CO

Welcome: Hello!! Welcome to Casa Kelbe home of Paige, Nate and Grace a.k.a. Gooby

Master Bedroom: The last room in the house that has not been painted: go figure. We'l get to it someday.

Gooby Room: This is where Grace kicks it old school. She digs her crib and loves reading books in here with Mom and Dad.

Paiges' Room: It is supposed to be an office, but at the moment it is one of our storage areas. She prefers working online in the basesment or kitchen anyway.Maybe when the kids go off to college she'll gfet it back.

Reading Room #1: This is where all the important decisions are made in our household. Also used a place of solice when needed.

Kitchen: I will never paint cabinets again in this lifetime. They did turn out nice though. This is where the most time is spent in the house.

Living Room: The true use of this space is a play area for Grace. It seconds as the Living Room when we have guests.

Basement Stairs: Currently, this is also a "Grace Play Area" as she loves going up then down them time and time again driving Mom and Dad nuts.

Storage/Darkroom: This was one the perks to this house when we bought it as Nate is an amateur photographer. In the far distant future it may serve as a photo studio again. Until then it stores a lot of stuff.

Basement Rec room: This is where we all chill, watch movies, rough house or eat a quiet meal after Grace is asleep.

Reading Room #2: Please see Reading Room #1

Nates' Room: This is where Nate has his cave time tying flies, listening to music, or planning the next fishing trip.

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