Hi welcome to Dr. Odd's Cribs - Be sure to click on the pictures for the full size photo.

Apartment-750 square feet
Austin, TX

What's up, Dr. Odd? I am Mary Beth. Welcome to my aparment complex here in Austin, where we actually have cactuses (cactii?) that grow outside.

Come on in...

This is my living room. Lotsa candles and hand me down furniture...

Well Moby ripped on all the other Cribs celebs for not having any reading materials. Take this, Moby. This is my bookshelf where I keep all my favorite reads.... Atlas Shrugged... Jane Eyre... The Simpsons Episode by Episode Guide... Good times.

This is my tv stand that I inherited. I know what you are thinking- my tv is way too small for it. Some day I'll be making the big bucks and get a bigger tv. Oh, and my DVD collection? 2 DVDs.. Bridget Jones Diary and Sleepless in Seattle. No comments from the peanut gallery on those choices.

This is my kitchen, where I spend hours slaving away at the hearth, cooking gourmet meals for my beloved boyfriend. I think I look like a huge dork in this picture. I recently purchased an autogrind coffeemaker which was a great buy. You can set it so it will grind and brew your coffee every a.m.

Oh, you want to see what is in my fridge? Looks like I've got some milk, eggs, Coca Cola C2, Texas beer Shiner Bock and looky here... some Cristal. Well, actually its called Cristalino, but ah well. Just bought my first case of wine the other week. A glass every day is good for the heart, you know.

Here we are in my bathroom. Got tile floors and a nice little area where I spend each morning straightening each lock of my naturally wavy hair. Oh, and there's Bella, my dog, who likes to sit underneath my dressing table while I primp.

Ah, Mr. Cameraman, you've caught me at a bad time! Love my shower window blocks for good natural light.

Here is my bedroom where I spend a lot of time sleeping...

I have this cool picture board where I put up fun photos of good times with my friends and family, which makes me happy when I wake up in the morning.

Here is my walk-in closet. I have a lot of shoes.

Lets go outside. I like that I have access to my deck from my bedroom and from the living room. You'll notice that I have a very sick plant next to me. I went on vacation and left all the plants outside and it froze one night. I am kinda bad w/ plants.

Another great thing about Texas is that you can spend time outside, even in February. Unlike most of TX, Austin is very green and hilly. Let's scoot on over to my pool for a bit. Ah, good times here in the summer.

Well, this has been fun, but I gotta go get back to my girl movies and nursing my plants back to health. Thanks for stopping by! Come back to Austin anytime, yall!

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