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Three bedroom house
Westmont, IL

Hi - I'm Merilou Ziola, Dr. Odd's mom, and welcome to my crib. Our house is in Westmont, Illinois and we moved here in 1973 when the house was brand new.

This is my kitchen. We had our kitchen remodeled in 2001 and I'm thrilled with it now. We used to have dark stained cabinets, ala 1970's Spanish style and now I have light maple cabinets and it lightens up my kitchen considerably.

This is my breakfast room. I am sitting at my kitchen bar area and the breakfast room is behind me. I love my bay window which overlooks the back yard; there is also a patio door going to a deck, and this room faces south so there is always plenty of light.

This is my living room. If I could change one thing it would be our shelving unit which houses our TV. It is old fashioned with chrome trim and I don't like it. Someday I will replace it. Please note my darling cat Snickers on the coffee table.

This is my dining room. Not too much to say about this room. We don't use it too often so it stays pretty clean.

This is our first floor office. I'm sitting at my computer where I receive all of Z's e-mails daily and this is also where I check his website. This is also my husband's office so we both spend a LOT of time in this room as my husband works out of our home.

This is my upstairs master bedroom. The furniture is my original bedroom set from 1969 when I bought it. I also have a TV in here so I like to lay here in the evenings watching HGTV on cable.

This is one of our spare bedrooms. At one time, this was Z's bedroom. Now it is a catchall room but I also have a desk and a typewriter in this room. It is also a major storage area for my husband's old files.

This is my upstairs bathroom. Green is my favorite color so my fixtures are a dusty green. They are the original fixtures from when the house was built, but I still love the color and have no intentions of changing them.

This is my lower level rec room. We also have a TV down there and a natural fireplace. I am standing next to my treadmill which unfortunately, doesn't get too much use.

This is my lower level laundry room. It is a big room with a nice window so it gets good light. Also I have tons of storage in this room--and it has a door going to the outside.

Well folks, thanks for touring our 1970's tri-level home. It is a great home and fits our lifestyle just fine. Thanks for checking out my crib, but I have dinner in the oven so get out of here! See ya!

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