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House - 2 bedrooms
Mesa, AZ

Hi, it is Heather and Les, welcome to the home of the bean counter and the cop.

Oh look it's Heather and Ang playing Vanna White in the living room.

The newly remodled kitchen. It's a good thing we put that nice cooktop in, since we don't even cook.

The table that we barely sit at because we hardly cook and there is so much crap on the table. Can you tell we like to clean.

Ahh the bathroom this is where everybody finds relief (including the cats).

Les's Harley office that we faux painted and we are going to repaint sometime soon. Oh how much I enjoy painting (not).

Oh look if you feel the urge to play music you can just grab the guitar right off the wall. Les uses this to serenade Heather while she is doing her homework.

Heather just can't take herself away from the pure enjoyment of doing laundry.

The master bedroom where Heather, Les, Evo and Harley like to sleep. If we add anymore we will need a bigger bed.

And here is the small master closet. It needs to be twice the size because Les has sooo many shoes. More than Heather if you can believe that.

The Harley Bathroom. This is where Les gets most of his best reading done.

Ingenuity at its finest. Is that a towel rack or motorcycle handle bars???

Good thing we have a spare bedroom. Not because we ever have anybody stay with us, but it is storage for all our junk.

Let's head to the garage. Here is Heather's new car. What is this, her 6th new car since they moved to AZ, 10 years ago? Ok but she really likes this one and thinks she will keep if for more than 2 year.

The beautiful Harley that broke down on the way home from San Diego on summer. Wow was that HOT stranded in the middle of the desert in AZ. It's a good thing the bike was only 5 years old and needed a brand new engine. It's for sale now if anybody is interested!!!!

Les and his toy. Ok well he will tell you that he needed a Ford F250 Super Duty to pull the trailer that will hold his new custom bike that he will be getting when he sells his.

And here is Evo. This was Heather's B-day gift last year. And Evo stands for Evolution which is a type of Harley Motor (of course).

Heather and her baby.. This child is the best all you have to do is feed him, clean the litter box and give him attention (when he wants it).

Oh and Les just loved Evo so much that he had to get a cat of his own. So now we have Harley and Evo.

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