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Two Bedroom condo
Evanston, IL

Hi, we are Brian and Amy, welcome to our place!

We are in 5D on the top floor, so come on in.

This is the entrance way. We hang our coats on the left and have a fancy door decoration for the different times of the year. The kitchen is to your right.

This is where we keep our food cold before we chop it up and cook it. We decided on the stylish black appliances last summer to go with our red walls and white cabinets. The black is a pain to keep clean, but I still like them.

I'm a big science nerd, so Amy got me these high-tech salt and pepper shakers. I was always so confused before she gave them to me. They're my favorite thing in the whole kitchen.

This is where we eat when we make romantic dinners, and want to spend time discussing the issues in the world today. As you can see the candles have not been used, so that tells you we usually eat in the living room in front of the TV.

This is where our two cats eat. They each have a bowl, but they like to eat from the right bowl most often. They graze, so we fill up there bowls and they eat when they are hungry. They really like fresh food, so I try to trick them by switching the bowls around every night. It works most of the time.

This is our living room. We spend most of our time in this room. We like to rent movies and catch up on our days here. Its very comfortable.

This is our entertainment center. My Dad is a handy guy and built this with a bunch of wood. He also made a book stand to match. He likes to build things real heavy duty, so we might be able to withstand a nuclear blast if I pull it over Amy and I. It probably won't happen, but it helps me sleep at night knowing that its there.

This is Mister George. He was so excited to have you come visit our crib so he can show you his incredible cat furniture. He likes to sleep on it and watch the birds and squirrels play in the trees outside the window from their high perch.

This is Maddie, George's sister. We call her "Chicky" because she has sass. Her favorite thing to do is sit by the patio window. Sometimes the squirrels will come on the patio to say hello. She loves it when they stop by.

This is our guest bathroom. Its a full bath that I just got done remodeling this year. A few months ago this room was nothing but 2x4's. I listened to allot of cubs games from this bathroom during weekends this summer. I can't believe how much work it was, and I can't tell you how happy I am it is complete.

This is the master bathroom. Its no different in size from the guest bathroom. The layout is just flip-flopped. This is where we do most of our bathroom things like shower and brush our teeth (I don't want to mess up the remodeled bathroom).

This is our master bedroom. Its quite spacious and green. The color on the walls is pretty strange in that it changes hues depending on if natural light is coming into the room or not. I kind of dig it.

There is Mister George again, playing it cool. He is in our second bedroom hanging out at the computer. He likes to help with bills and studying by crawling all over you and eventually laying down on what you are doing. He begged me to take this sexy-man pose. The second bedroom is pretty boring with nothing on the walls. We have some work to do with it. Hopefully you'll stop by again when we're done with it.

Here is one of our two rides. We got it pimped-out with step rails, rocker panel trim, a high speed tail fin, and a flux capacitor. Its the ultimate make-out vehicle when you put the back seats all the way down and stare out of the rear sunroof. I just got it cleaned by my bikini car wash team. I bring them in from time to time to shine things up. Our other ride is a bit older and we demoted it to the street. Its too far away to take you to it today. Its a blue two door Olds Alero, and it just got a new battery and tires. Its rockin now!!

Seeing that you can't see us in any of the rest of the pics, I thought I would throw a nice picture of the two of us in. We took this one in the Leine Lodge at the Leinenkuegal's Brewery in Chippewa Falls WI.

I hope you enjoyed our place. It was fun having you by to see everything.


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