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Townhouse - 2 bedrooms
Chicago, IL

Hi, it is Z and Ang, and welcome to our crib!

You might have seen us on Dr. Odd's cribs before but we just moved and we thought we would show us our new place. Our place is a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom townhouse on Chicago's north side.

We are starting on the first floor. This obviously is the garage. This is where we park the car and store stuff like our luggage and golf clubs. I don't know why I said golf clubs because we don't golf a lot.

Here is our 1st floor bathroom. You can see a toilet. We go to the bathroom in that toilet. You can also see a baseball bat Z has. It is a real major leaguer's bat. The name of the player is Ramon Martinez. He used to play for the Cubs. Z likes to swing the bat when he goes pottie.

Let's head up the stairs to the rest of our pad.

Here is Ang in the living room. You can see our fireplace. This pic was taken before we hung our new TV above the fireplace.

Here is the TV after it was hung.

Here is Schmoopie the cat. Z has had her for 10 years.

Here is Z next to our new high definition flat screen TV. It is the most pimping thing in our place. It is dope and hella cool.

Here is Z and Ang by our computer. Ang likes sending emails and checking the weather there. Z likes updating drodd on the computer.

Here is Angela in the dining room area. The dining area is right near the living room. We eat all our meals at our table. We have bananas in a bowl on the table as decoration to make this picture look nice.

Here is Z at the breakfast bar. We have not actually eaten breakfast here yet, but I guess we could if we wanted too. The stools pretty much act as a place to hang our jackets.

This is Angela in the kitchen. We have nice marble counters and tons of cabinets.

I love this. It is a gumball machine. Ang got it for Z for his birthday. It had Mike and Ikes in it and now has Peanut M&Ms in it.

Let's take a peak into our fridge. Looks like we have some chicken, frozen pizzas, some soda pops, a couple of beers, some lunch meat, cheese, vegetables and all the necessary condiments.

Here is Z by our bubbler (what Wisconsin people call a drinking fountain). This is where we keep our keys and change and stuff.

Lets step out on our back porch. We have our grill out here and some dead flowers because it is real cold out.

Time to head upstairs.

Here is the master bedroom. You can't really tell but we have cathedral ceilings and the room is pretty big. We have a bed in here. We sleep on it every night.

Here is Z in the closet. He wanted to show you how big the closet is. At least Ang's closet is big. Z has a dinky closet because he is a dude and doesn't have a ton of clothes.

This is our other bathroom. We just painted a crazy bright green which really helps you get going in the morning. We have 2 sinks. Z's is the one with all the gross shaving clippings. We have a toilet that we go to the bathroom in and a shower that we shower in.

Our laundry machine is right down the hall which is real nice. We clean our clothes in there.

Here is our 2nd bedroom which is just acting as storage and our ironing room. It is painted goldenrod. I just like saying the word goldenrod. I think I just like the rod part. Rod is funny.

Here is the view of our place from the outside.

Thanks a ton for checking out or crib it was fun showing it to you. See ya!

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