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One bedroom condo
Chicago, IL

Hi welcome to our crib. You might have seen Zburbia on another episode of Dr. Odd's Cribs but since Ang and Z recently got married, we thought we would do another episode with our combined stuff.

You might remember from the other Cribs that we call our place Zburbia because Z lived at a place a while ago that was jokingly like the suburbs with this small lawn in the front so he has been calling places he has lived since, Zburbia.

Woops, we forgot that you were coming, Z just got out of the shower. Actually this was all just a ploy to show you what Z looks like in our house. He never has a shirt on which is both trashy and kinda gross.

As we walk down the hall, here is the bubbler (People from Milwaukee's way of saying drinking fountain). I found this in Michigan and painted it. Now it holds change and keys.

Let's head over to the bedroom. As you can see this is a basic bedroom. What is new since last time is a paint job and some artwork that Z made on the walls. Also Ang's bed and pretty color matched bedding on the bed. We also got new nightstands that miraculously matched Ang's dresser.

Here is Z still fresh out of the shower, in the living room. We pretty much watch TV in here. And during the Summer Z really only watches the Cubs and Ang catches up on all her CSIs saved up on our TIVO.

This is a picture of fire in our never been used before fireplace.

Now we head to the dining room. You can see Schmoopie our cat on the table. She is not supposed to be on the table but Z lets her do whatever she wants. We do spend a lot more time in here than we ever thought we would when we moved in here. Z and his parents bought this table and we eat 95% of our meals here and when we have people over, we all sit around this table.

This is the newest addition to Zburbia that Z got from Ang for his bday. It is so fun. Currently we have Mike and Ike candy in it. The candy does require $0.01 to get some but we have the key to the machine if you want your $0.01 back.

Here you can see Ang at our computer which is also in our dining room since we don't have an office. Z spends piles of time at the computer cause he loves making webpages and doing MP3s and stuff. Ang likes sending emails to people and buying cute clothes.

Here is Schmoopie next the Z head. I know having a head of myself is cocky but I thought it would be funny. In the mouth of the foam head is a used Dusty Baker toothpick that I found on the ground at the Wrigley dugout when we took the Wrigley tour. I also bought a foam head that was supposed to be Ang but she was weirded out by it and is bringing it to her school to use a prop for her High School dance. Schmoopie is 10 years old and Z got her during his Junior year at college. She is a friendly sweet cat.

This is our red kitchen. It is a little small but we do cook in here quite a bit. We also now have a ton of new stuff that we got from our wedding showers and our wedding. You can also see Schmoopie's bathroom in here (litter box).

Let's take a look into our fridge. This looks a lot different than when Z lived here alone. We go to the grocery store at least 1 time a week to buy bread, cheese, meat, vegetables, drinks and other stuff. We also have a bunch of booze since we had Z's 30th bday party a couple of weeks ago so if you want a Budweiser - come on over.

Z is still not dressed. Z put some pants on dude. Anyway, we are now on our back porch which we love. We grill out here, have friends and family over for dinner and Ang loves sunning out here since we are on the top floor.

Also there are baby robins that were just born in this nest under our deck. They are hungry. Can you spare a dollar to get them something to eat?

This is another gift that Z got for his 30th. It is a smoker. Z tried it the other day and basically pissed off our whole building and almost burnt the building down. It looks like we need some more practice with it.

This is an old picture of Ang's car as you can tell since it is Summer and in this picture she is wearing a winter jacket. Ang's car is nice and stylish and fits into our yuppie neighborhood pretty well.

This is the Zped, Z's moped. Z has ridden it for over 1000 miles. He loves it and rides it quite a bit even though he has been passed by other scooters and he looks like a tool on it.

Well it has been fun having you over but I really have to go back upstairs and take my shirt off and wrap a towel around my waste so get of here! Ang and Z wish you a good day and a better night!

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