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2 bedroom house
Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Hi I am Judy and this is my husband Bob and this is our house!

We are going to start in the family room. You can see my urns collection. Some people say it is creepy but I think they are so pretty. You also can see here our supper table.

Let's mosey on down the hall, you will find a washroom. It is just a sink and a toilet.

Here is our kitchen. Bob and Bobby Jar. put these cabinets in a year ago. They got them down there at the Me nards. They got a real good deal on them and I think they look real great.

Heading to the back of the house is our other bathroom. This one has a tub also. I love fish. I think they are great and I have a lot of fish to decorate this bathroom.

This is our bedroom. Bob hates it but I have a poster of a cute dog over the bed. You also can see our IBM computer. We have the internet but we have to call over the phone line when we do it. When my son Bobby comes over to sell tires on Embay he always complains it is too slow but it is fine for us to send notes on AOL.

Here is Bobby's old room. He moved out 14 months ago but we keep it for guests that stay over. There are some stains on the rug that won't come out.

Bob is going to take you downstairs.

I spend most of my time down in the basement, watching football and fishing tapes. The 1st photograph is our game table. We play a ton of cards. The 2nd photograph you can see our couches and some neat posters of drinks I put up. The 3rd one is my aunt's organ. We can't play it but sometimes she comes by and plays us songs.

This is a table I put together myself with beer bottle caps from a bunch of beers I have drank. Also you can see our bar where we have New Years Eve every year and I bartend. It gets pretty wild. That Jim Beam mirror was a gift that Judy got me for Christmas about 3 years back.

Here are some of my hunting rifles and an elk I shot 2 years ago out in the yard. I had her stuffed and mounted 4 months ago.

As we head back out down to the garage you can see our van.

Well it is time to go so bye now!


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