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Two Bedroom apartment
Chicago, IL

Hi, welcome to Mildenhood, the home of Sandy & Angela, with special guest Barbara. We live in the near west side of Chicago and love it. We moved here in July. Let me start by explaining where we got the name Mildenhood from: It’s a combination of our last names plus hood. My boyfriend Z thought it would be cool if we had a unique name for our pad. We rent this place from Bob. This building was erected in 1908 and our apartment was renovated in 2000, so everything is pretty nice & new. This is our bulldog, he’s our watch dog, “ruff”.

This is our living room & kitchen. Here’s one of my Z & Ang original art works, we have 4 additional pieces. Everyone loves our kitchen, the marble counters and wood cabinets are the highlight. We don’t have room for a kitchen table so we either eat at the island or at the coffee table in front of the tv.

And here’s our pet, her name is Ruby. She enjoying swimming and eating. The newest addition to our place is the karaoke machine. It’s San’s pride and joy, we’re just not sure if our neighbor likes it.

We’re wine drinkers and enjoy collecting bottles of wine from different areas around the world. These are some from our collection, this bottle’s from Spain, as well as one from Italy and Andrew Firestone signed this other one. This wall decoration is a map of the area we live in. San had this made and has marked all of our close friend’s homes, so we can easily figure out the best route to visit them.

This is my bedroom. It’s just big enough for my bed, dresser, and all my clothes in the closet. It acts as a place to sleep, as well as grade papers from time-to-time. This is a pillow my mom and I made, it has patches of all the bands I love. Pretty cool, huh?!?

Across the hall is where I go to the bathroom and shower in the mornings. I really like my bathroom, although I do my least favorite thing here, blow dry my hair. I just hate it! My sister Barb also hates the blow drying process.

This is San’s bedroom, she has two closets and a bathroom in her room, it’s definitely the larger of the two bedrooms. The decorations in her room really reflect her creativity and her favorite colors, orange & green.

Also in her room, San had her favorite 45 framed. Her all-time favorite song is “Gypsy” by Fleetwood Mac.

Out the back door we have an enclosed storage area. We have decorated it with our concert posters, we’ve got some great stories behind these posters. I think my favorite poster is of Simple Plan, we had it signed by all the band members last time we were on their tour bus. We were going to use this area as a sitting area, but it has become storage for our excess toilet paper, paper towels, water, etc.

And this is our garbage boy, he helps out sometimes, thanks Z. (Sorry about the smell.)

This is our backyard. We share this space with our neighbors. It’s really nice in the summer, but you’ve got to watch above for the squirrels, they’re really nasty around here. This is my car. It’s a 2001 Volkswagon Jetta. I really love my German-made car, it’s the 1st really nice car that I’ve ever owned. And as a bonus it’s also fast.

And that’s Mildenhood. Thanks so much for visiting our crib. We love it and hope you did too. Sorry you tripped on the stairs. Now get the rock out of here.

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