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4 bedroom house
Austin, TX

We're Mary Beth and Michael. Welcome to our house in Austin!

We like our big driveway.

Come inside!

Now, we just moved, so you may see some boxes.

Guest book

Please sign our guest book. We're trying to establish a neat new tradition.

Family Room

Toy Closet Under Stairs

Here is where our neices and nephews store their toys.

Downstairs bath

1/2 bath

Breakfast area

Hopefully soon we'll have a new table!


here is where i do some cooking.


Michael would like to offer you a beverage. Coors Lite or Dos Equis? We have a lot of condiments, too.

Laundry room

Notice the beloved china stored in the corner. :(

Living room/dining room

Here are some boxes and our living room/dining room empty areas.

Green bath

Straight up the stairs you'll find our guest bath. Mike enthusiastically poses here.

Man room

Here is Michael's favorite room. His man room. We messed up the paint. Oops.

Guest bedroom1

if you come visit us, you can sleep here.

Or here

Little room

This room has a little niche where you can daydream & make fashion drawings.

Master bedroom

Here is our master. We painted it blue. Someday we'll hang something on the wall.

Master bath

there is a ghost in here. watch out!


From our room, you can sort of see a canyon if you look hard.

Let's go out back

Here is our covered patio.

And a wild animal!

Hello Bella. Show everyone what you do all day. Thanks for stopping by!


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