Today's movies suck ass. When was the last time you saw an original idea for a movie? How the fuck did Titanic make $700 billion dollars worldwide or whatever ungodly amount it was? Don't you know the boat sunk? Spiderman? No thanks, I read the comic. A Beautiful Mind? He's a real guy, crazy, but still real. The Count of Monte Cristo? It's a fucking book. And why so many piss awful war movies right now? Hart's War, Black Hawk Down, and We Were Soldiers... I'd rather watch Star Wars over and over again, at least it has light sabres.

Here's something to get the creative juices flowing again...

2 ounces Irish whiskey
2 dashes Benedictine
2 dashes dry vermouth
Shake ingredients with cracked ice; strain into a chilled cocktail
Garnish with an orange twist