Effectively Wild Episode 1076: Undoing the Dodgers

Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan banter about high fastballs and the Red Sox, Carter Capps, the Nationals bullpen, the Giants’ clubhouse chemistry with Mark Melancon (and without Ángel Pagán), then discuss the Dodgers’ enviable present and future and whether anything can end their NL West hegemony. After that, they close with some episode-ending banter about […]

One Night OUT

Attending Nationals' Night OUT 366 days after the Pulse nightclub shooting.

Projecting Recent A’s Call-Ups Franklin Barreto and Matt Chapman

The A's have struggled in 2017, but Barreto and Chapman point to a brighter tomorrow.

How Adeiny Hechavarria Is Interesting

The Rays have picked up Adeiny Hechavarria, and he might not simply be a no-hit gloveman.

Adam Ottavino’s Wild Day at the Office

The Troggs would be pleased.

Daily Prospect Notes: 6/26

Eyes on Athletics draftee Austin Beck as the AZL gets underway.

The Red Sox Are Kings of the High Fastball

The Red Sox have weaponized the high fastball, riding it to tremendous strikeout success.

In Celebration of the Brewers and Twins

Every season needs teams that surprise us, even if they're not world beaters.

The Dodgers Are the New Cubs

They've won 16 of 17 while key players struggle. This team is a juggernaut.

Travis Sawchik FanGraphs Chat

With an open mind and open heart, Travis Sawchik is here to answer your questions

The Demystification of the Dinger

If everyone's hitting home runs all the time, the home run becomes less special.

Card Corner Plus: 1966 Topps: Tribe Thumpers

The subjects of a classic card remind us that good times can be fleeting.

Creeping Coachism

Coaching jobs are multiplying. If some is good, more is better, right? Let's suggest some new ones.

Change Is Good?

Can a particular kind of pitcher - or pitch - help defuse the home run explosion?

Cuban Stats: Examining the Big Picture

While everyone hopes for the next island superstar, what do the numbers really tell us?

Do Southpaws Take Longer to Mature?

Sometimes the truth is more mundane than fiction.

Congress Finds Peace in the Church of Baseball

The Congressional baseball game is an annual rite in Washington. This year it was a liturgy.

Pitch Tunneling: Is It Real? And How Do Pitchers Actually Pitch?

Creating pitch tunnels is great, but should doing so be the gold standard factor in pitch selection?

Ground Rule Doppelgängers, 2017 Edition

What team from the past most resembles your 2017 squad?

Retroactive Review: The Dreyfus Affair

A mostly forgotten baseball novel reminds us what has changed — and hasn't.

The RotoAuthority League Lives On

We've still got some Twitter and RSS followers even though the site is out of commission. So, here's hoping this post is noticed by people who enjoy competitive roto leagues. The RotoAuthority League lives on, and we've got five open...

2015 RotoAuthority League And The Future Of This Site

RotoAuthority.com is coming up on its ten-year anniversary in a few months, and it's gone through a lot of incarnations over the years. It was my first website, and for about five months it was my only one, until I...

The Proof Is In The Peripherals: Season Review

No awards show is more star-studded than the TPIITP Gala, which rewards outstanding achievements in the field of excellence. Forget the Cy Young or the MVP, every ballplayer dreams of taking home one of these coveted prizes...uh, except the negative...

Closer Updates: End-of-the-Season Edition

As this season sadly comes to an end, it’s time to stop by once more for a final edition of Closer Updates. First, we’ll take a quick look at all of the teams in the playoffs – just in case...

RA Retrospective: We Went Bold...Did We Go Home Too?

It is perhaps not completely pertinent to note that I’m writing this only a few, very short hours of sleep after one of the greatest playoff games of my lifetime. It makes me feel better that the playoffs are here...

RotoAuthority League Update: Final Standings

The RotoAuthority League is a highly competitive 12-team fantasy baseball league run by Tim Dierkes. The settings consist of standard 5 X 5 Rotisserie scoring and 23-man lineups along with 4 bench spots. In an effort to keep owners interested...

RotoAuthority Unscripted: Win it Any Way You Want

The morning after the regular season ends is always a time of somber reflection for fantasy players. Or it’s the time when you rush desperately to your computer to see if you added things up correctly in your head last...

The Proof Is In The Peripherals: September 26-28

It's becoming somewhat of a TPIITP tradition to devote the final regular season column of the year to revisiting my first regular season column of the year, which was devoted to a single player or topic rather than delving into...

Closer Updates: Bucs, Jays, Nats, Padres, Phillies, Twins, White Sox

Welcome to yet another edition of Closer Updates. As we enter the regular season’s final weekend, it’s time to scour through the league’s bullpen to find a hidden gem (or two) for your final championship push. Of course, don’t forget...

Stock Watch: The Last Chance or the Bitter End?

Can you believe it’s the last Stock Watch of the year? Me Neither. And yet, here we are, at another end-of-the-season frenetic pennant race. And at the end of the season, all the old rules are gone. You might have...