When Movie Trailers Mislead

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How to Teach Critical Thinking

If you want to teach your students critical thinking, give them opportunities to brainstorm and analyze things. Classroom discussions are a great way to encourage open-mindedness and creativity. Teach students to ask "why?" as much as possible and recognize patterns. An important part of critical thinking is also recognizing good and bad sources of information.

Melissa Huang's Adorable Animal Macarons

Melissa Huang is a Canadian baker who is inspired by all things adorable.

Check Out These Dazzling Rangoli Designs to Get Your Diwali Spirit Going

The rangoli masters of Instagram have outdone themselves this year.

Beyond the Label: How to Pick the Right Medicines For Your Cold and Flu Symptoms

Pro tip: To avoid annoying side effects, steer clear of multi-symptom products if you think just one ingredient will do it for you.

Want to Clap Your Heart Out for Xi Jinping? There’s an App for That

Clap as hard as you can for the Chinese leader's soundbites

Google's AI Can Make Its Own AI Now

The robots are procreating.

Astrophysicist S. Chandrasekhar’s Life is Being Celebrated With a New Google Doodle

Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar was the first astrophysicist to win the Nobel Prize in Physics

How to Do Edwardian Hairstyles

The Edwardian Era, also known as "La Belle Epoque" and "the Gilded Age," spanned from the late 1890s to 1914. The Gibson girl was a popular inspiration when it came to fashion and hair. Most of the hair of that era were voluminous, wispy updos, but there were other styles as well, such as buns and braids. Edwardian women often resorted to using mesh or wire frames for their hair, but there are other ways to do the same styles using simpler techniques.

Doctor and Advocate: One Surgeon's Global Fight for the Rights of Rape Survivors

Dr. Denis Mukwege opened his hospital because he wanted to bring down maternal mortality in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. But the first case he saw was a survivor of gang rape.Mukwege, a gynecological surgeon, says he remembers the case clearly. "It was a woman who had been raped by many ...

These LED Crosswalks Adapt to Whoever Is Crossing

Crossing in the rain? The Starling Crossing will create a wider buffer for you. Crossing diagonally? It'll adapt to your path.

Devastating Mogadishu Bombing Could Cause Significant Political Aftershocks

More than 300 people were killed and at least 500 injured on October 14th when a truck bomb exploded in a crowded intersection in Mogadishu, Somalia's capital. The attack is being called the worst in the history of the city, a particularly alarming statistic considering that the capital has ...

Klay Thompson’s Doppelgänger Upstaged Him on NBA Opening Night

The resemblance is uncanny

15 Must-Watch Facts About The Ring

Naomi Watts was worried she would be laughed at. She had nothing to worry about.

European Space Agency Releases First High-Res Land Cover Map of Africa

It took a full year’s worth of satellite data to make it.

Field Notes: Selling Dried Fruit in Yemen

This photograph originally appeared in the October 2017 issue of Pacific Standard. Subscribe now and get eight issues/year or purchase a single copy of the magazine.

Why Do Baseball Managers Wear Uniforms?

For many years, the “manager” wore a player’s uniform simply because he was a player.

Mexico and Canada Throw Barbs at U.S. NAFTA Proposals

After the fourth round of negotiations over the North American Free Trade Agreement came to a close on Tuesday, Mexico and Canada expressed sharp resistance to the modifications sought by the Trump administration.The United States has proposed several changes to the trade agreement, most of which ...

Why You Might Not Want to Order Tea or Coffee On Your Next Flight

Multiple studies and investigations have taken a closer look at airplane tap water, and the results aren’t pretty—or appetizing.

Ed Sheeran Unable to Continue Tour After Injuring Both Arms in a Bike Accident

The singer fractured multiple bones

Scientists May Have Found the Real Cause of Dyslexia—And a Way to Treat It

The disorder could be a lot simpler than previously believed.

Join Taylor Swift for a ‘Sarcastic Look Down Memory Lane’ As She Pokes Fun at Her Past

From 'You Belong With Me' to '1989'

Of Course Beyoncé Slayed the Red Carpet for a Cause

Beyoncé blessed Brooklyn with her first official post-twins red carpet appearance on Tuesday night. Showing up in top form for the TIDAL X: Brooklyn Benefit Concert — headlined by her husband JAY-Z, plus a veritable slew of stars including Jennifer Lopez, Stevie Wonder, Daddy Yankee, Cardi B and DJ Khaled — Beyoncé made a splash…

Humblebragging Just Makes You Look Like a Fraud

I'm such a fool! When I was interviewing Eddie Izzard last week, I should have mentioned this new study about the dangers of humblebragging. He would have enjoyed riffing on it!If you found that self-deprecating yet self-promoting assertion annoying, you have confirmed the study's main conclusion. ...

This Tiny Game of Thrones Detail Hinted at a Major Season 7 Twist Years Ago

Did you pick up on this clue about Jon Snow's real name?

Thanks to a Wet Winter, New Zealand Faces a Potential Potato Chip Shortage

Chipocalypse now?

How to Find the Andromeda Galaxy

The Andromeda Galaxy, also known as Messier 31 or "the Great Spiral Galaxy" is one of the most distant objects that the unaided human eye can see. Use the constellations around the Andromeda Galaxy to help you pinpoint its location in the sky. You can see the galaxy faintly with your eyes, but binoculars or a telescope will make it clearer. To maximize your view, go out on a dark night in autumn or winter. Locating it for the first time is a little tricky, but once you find it, it's hard to ever lose it again.

The Origins of All 30 NBA Team Names

And which teams could have been the Spirit, the Mounties, the Unicorns, and the Juice.

How to Make Sure Your Cell Phone Receives Emergency Alerts

Getting your name on the right list could save your life.

David Letterman Stopped by Jimmy Kimmel to Tease Jimmy Fallon and Conan O’Brien

Letterman also explained why he bought Conan a horse

The Internet’s New Best Friend Is a Hedgehog Who Loves to Camp

Meet Azuki, the pygmy hedgehog in Japan who has captured the hearts, eyes and social media likes of thousands of fans, thanks to his — and his owner’s — keen sense of outdoorsy aesthetics and penchant for relaxing yet adventurous photo shoot setups. On any given day, you can find photos of Azuki posted up…

Don't Miss Wednesday's Best Amazon Deals

As a recurring feature, our team combs the Web and shares some amazing Amazon deals we’ve turned up. Here’s what caught our eye today, October 18.

There Aren't as Many Gay People as You Think

Americans have grown more accepting of homosexuality in recent decades. But that clear trend has obscured other fascinating shifts in perceptions and attitudes. For one thing, Americans tend to greatly overestimate the percentage of the population that identifies as gay, lesbian, or bisexual. And ...

The Charming English Fishing Village That Inspired Dracula

How a seaside vacation in 1890 gave rise to Bram Stoker's terrifying tale.

12 Facts About Disney's The Jungle Book

Just the bare necessities about this classic cartoon, which arrived in theaters 50 years ago today.

How to Undrain an Actual Swamp

"Draining the swamp" is a not a new idea in American politics, but it is certainly the flavor du jour—a major part of the Republican palate. Like its literal counterpart, the political swamp is complex, stagnant, and populated by bloodsuckers. But the thing about swamps—real ones—is that they ...

This High-Tech Material Can Change Shape Like an Octopus

Researchers took inspiration from nature's masters of disguise.

In the Wake of Trump's 'Muslim Ban' Efforts, Californians Invoke Intersectionality to Preserve Civil Liberties

President Donald Trump's revised travel ban was halted in the 11th hour by a federal judge just before it was expected to go into effect Wednesday. But almost since Trump's election, Californians—those both directly and indirectly affected—have been busy scrambling to fight not just the ban ...

50 Sweet Facts About Your Favorite Halloween Candies

Americans eat roughly 22 pounds of candy each year.

Why Cities Shouldn't Bend Over Backwards for Corporations

In early 2010, the city of Topeka, Kansas, was in trouble. The city's unemployment rate had risen to unprecedented levels. Some in the mayor's office thought that a lack of affordable broadband Internet access wasn't helping. Mayor Bill Bunten tried to remedy the situation by changing the ...

The Language Ta-Nehisi Coates Taught Me

When I was a kid, I'd always sink into myself just a bit whenever the issue of racism would come up among my white peers. Of course, I was used to talking about racism in other contexts, specifically with my family; growing up as a black kid in South Carolina, I would've found totally sidestepping ...

Vampires, Ghosts, and Dark Shadows Beauty Pageants

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Viewfinder: Fighting Fires in California

An aircraft drops fire retardant over a brush fire in the Angeles National Forest on October 17th, 2017.

An aircraft drops fire retardant over a brush fire in the Angeles National Forest near Mt. Wilson Observatory, northeast of Los Angeles, California, on October 17th, 2017.

How to Conjugate Ir Verbs in Spanish

Verbs ending in -ir are the third largest group of verbs in Spanish. To conjugate -ir verbs in Spanish, all you do is remove the -ir from the end and replace it with the right letters. The new ending you choose conveys the tense (past, present, future), the mood (indicative, subjunctive, imperative), and who's doing the action.

Here's How to Turn an IKEA Box Into a Spaceship

Sail among the stars without leaving your living room (and recycle in the process).

How to Treat an Infant Cold

Watching your baby suffer through a cold can be both nerve-wracking and heart-wrenching, especially if your child demonstrates obvious signs of discomfort. Infants under the age of three months should see a doctor as soon as they show signs of illness. However, babies older than three months can wait as long as their symptoms do not get too severe. Focus on easing the symptoms of the cold using safe home remedies and avoid medication. If your baby gets significantly worse or does not improve within a week, contact a doctor.

Profit Over Preservation: Trump Properties and Environmental Controversy

Who doesn't like a luxury resort and 18-hole golf course set atop a sheer cliff with breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean? Revered Hindu Gods that inhabit the temple nearby, according to the local Balinese concerned over plans to open the Trump International Hotel & Tower Bali. Local ...

A Cut Above the Rest: How Finland's Orange-Handled Scissors Inspired a Design Revolution

A brief history of the game-changing tool, created 50 years ago by the Fiskars Corporation.

The Best Cupcake in All 50 States

We rounded up 50 of the best decadent desserts across the country. So go out, have your (cup)cake — and eat it, too.

Colombia's Road to Peace Remains Littered With Uncertainty

One year after Colombians initially rejected a peace agreement with the FARC guerrilla group, today the outlook for peace seems almost promising. On October 10th, the country's constitutional court shielded that accord from any changes for a period of 12 years, removing fears that future ...

6 Radiant Facts About Irène Joliot-Curie

Marie Curie’s elder daughter had a brilliant and tragic career of her own.

Should We Fear Article V?

Somewhere in a political science intro class, you may have heard your professor talk about the fantasy/nightmare scenario of the Article V convention of the states, in which pretty much any ideas for constitutional amendment could be thrown on the table. Well, such a convention is closer than you ...

You Can Now Order Food Through Facebook

The social media hub has designs on your digestive tract.

Trump Administration Approves Controversial Water Pipeline

The Trump administration has approved of Cadiz Inc.'s controversial plan for a water pipeline that will carry billions of gallons of water from the Mojave Desert to Southern California.In 2015, the Bureau of Land Management under President Barack Obama told the company that it would need a separate ...

This Harry Potter Candle Melts to Reveal Your Hogwarts House—and Smells Amazing

The scent is "excitement, fear, and nervousness."

How Mexico City Residents Used Social Media in the Wake of the Earthquake to Debunk Fact From Fiction

The audio message began with a woman's voice. "I only have 4 percent [battery] left," she begins by saying. There are people still trapped in the building, she insists; it's just a day after the earthquake, but the government has already given up hope for saving them. The government is going ...

How to Finely Chop Dates

Dates are often dried and are great for snacking or for use in a number of dishes. Dates have a pit in the center, so you’ll want to remove it before you start chopping. Chop dates by hand with a sharp paring knife or a pair of scissors. Chop dates quickly into tiny pieces with a food processor. Dates are a sticky fruit, so you want to take a couple precautions to keep the blades from gumming up.

The Women Who Should Win the Nobel Prize—but Haven't

If you ask, most scientists will tell you that the Nobel Prizes are overrated. While there is no question that those who win Nobel Prizes have made important discoveries, virtually no scientist believes that the most important discoveries are always rewarded with a Nobel. Some crucial scientific ...

Tragedy of the Common

White-rumped vultures were one of the most common large birds on the planet. There were an estimated 40 million of them in India alone. One famous bird sanctuary, Keoladeo National Park, had 30 vulture nests per square mile. Even in Delhi, India's capital city and the second-largest urban ...

How I Came to Believe Science Will Save the World

My love affair with science started about 30 years ago, along the shores of a remnant inland sea. After throwing a juniper log on our bonfire near Mono Lake, Jan asked me: "Do you want to go camping in the desert tomorrow? I'm leaving at 4 a.m. to look for toads."She was a biologist, and I wasn't ...

Medicare for All Would Be Difficult to Implement. It Would Also Be Difficult to Dismantle.

To the surprise of no one, the Trump administration seems intent on undermining the Affordable Care Act by any means necessary.Over the course of the month, President Donald Trump has signed executive orders to halt the cost-sharing reduction payments that help insurers provide inexpensive plans to ...

Viewfinder: Iraqi Forces Launch Assault

Iraqi forces arrive in the southern outskirts of Kirkuk on October 16th, 2017.

Iraqi forces arrive in the southern outskirts of Kirkuk on October 16th, 2017. Government troops clashed with Kurdish fighters Monday near the disputed city, seizing a military base and oil fields in a major operation sparked by a controversial independence referendum.

How to Create a Zombie Costume

Zombies! These stone cold, slow-paced horrors from the grave are a popular choice for Halloween costumes. Fortunately, the zombie costume is relatively easy to put together. Simply choose what sort of zombie you wish to be and zombify your clothing and body, and you’ll be all set for your costume party or zombie walk.

The Fascinating Family Feud that Led to Adidas and Puma, and Allowed Nike to Dominate the Market

The following is an article from Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Here’s the strange story of a family-owned business so dysfunctional that business schools teach it as a lesson in how not to run a company. FOOT SOLDIER Not long after the end of World War I in 1918, an 18-year-old German soldier named Adolf Dassler returned to his hometown of [...]

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How to Loosen Tight Braids

If you’ve ever experienced the pain of too-tight braids, you've likely wondered how to loosen them without ruining your hairstyle. Not to worry, there are several methods you can try! You can use water to loosen your braids, like by wrapping your hair in a hot, damp towel. You can also loosen tight braids by massaging your scalp with oil, applying leave-in conditioner to your roots, or applying a braid spray. Try several methods to see which gives you the most relief while keeping your style intact.

What the E.U. Represents in an Era of Rising Euroskepticism

These are heady times for regional sovereignty. In the past couple of weeks alone, we've seen two independence referenda, both held by historically repressed ethnic minorities in the disproportionately prosperous regions of Spanish Catalonia and Iraqi Kurdistan. Both referenda resulted in an ...

The Fight to Prosecute Gun Traffickers in Illinois

To understand why it's so hard to stop the flow of guns across state lines and into cities like Chicago, you have to start with a simple, well-established fact: Firearms are legal products.Guns aren't like cocaine. As the Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled, most American adults are allowed to have ...

New Evidence Shows Waiting Periods for Gun Purchases Can Save Lives

A new study finds that requiring a waiting period reduces firearm homicides by 17 percent.According to the study, at that rate, the country could save 910 lives a year by ensuring every state has a waiting-period law—a mandated interval between when people buy guns and when they're actually able to ...

California to Recognize Non-Binary Gender on State IDs

Californians will be able to identify as non-binary on driver's licenses and birth certificates under a new bill signed Monday, making California the second state to allow an option beyond "male" or "female" on state-issued identification.California joins Oregon and Washington, D.C., in ...

Why Trump's Plan to Repeal the Clean Power Plan Isn't Catastrophic

The Trump administration's proposal to repeal the carbon-cutting Clean Power Plan likely won't have a big effect on the global carbon equation, but together with other pro-coal measures, as well as a lack of attention to energy conservation, could bump United States emissions beyond the limits ...

How to Make Waterproof Matches

Waterproof matches are expensive, but you can make your own for only a fraction of the price. Listed below are a number of effective and proven ways to make waterproof matches you can use for camping, backpacking, and emergencies. Note: All the methods below involve some risk. If you are a minor, do not carry out any of these activities without the permission of a competent adult supervisor. The list is ranked from safest to least safe. The best and safest method is to use turpentine. (Turpentine has a higher "flash point" relative to acetone, which is commonly used in nail polish and does not involve the use of flame as is needed in the Wax or Paraffin methods.)

Mexican Artist Rafa Esparza's Physical Representation of Immigrant Nostalgia

Artist Rafa Esparza makes adobe the way his father, Ramón, taught him a few years ago. It's the same technique Ramón used in forming the bricks that made his home in Durango, Mexico, before he emigrated to the United States in the 1970s: First, dirt and manure are mixed together with water, then ...

In Search of a Greener Future for the Weed Industry

It's hard to get a word in with Derek Smith. He's winding through the crowd, shaking hands and nodding hellos across the locker-lined corridors of Revolution Hall, a hulking high school auditorium-turned-venue in Portland, Oregon. At one point, Smith stops to chat with John Plummer, the owner of ...

A Brief History of Companies Courting African-American Dollars

Dove landed itself in a marketing mess last week when a Facebook advertisement for the company's Deep Moisture bodywash struck some viewers as insensitive, even racist.In the video, released on October 7th, a black woman removes her brown shirt and transforms into a white woman in a ...

Burdened by Austerity, the National Park Service Breaks the Law

Each autumn, with the tourist season winding down, media outlets run their obligatory features about the United States' neglected, underfunded, and overcrowded national parks. Late last month, for instance, the New York Times ran a photo-studded piece, titled "National Parks Struggle With a ...