How to Do a Kung Fu Style Full Body Workout

A kung fu-style workout is a great way to work your whole body. Like any workout, you need to start by warming up. With kung fu, you need to start with exercises that will warm up all your muscles and get your blood pumping. Then, you can move on to working both your upper and lower body. You can actually alternate between upper and lower body exercises, and it doesn't hurt to throw in some jumping jacks or other exercises between movements in your workout.

Brazilian President Temer’s Trip to Norway Marked by Tense Protest

Brazilian President Michel Temer was greeted with protests when he arrived in Norway today for an official visit with Prime Minister Erna Solberg.Meanwhile, Norwegian government officials are warning Temer that his country risks losing millions in financial aid that Norway pays to Brazil to help ...

Bill Cosby Loses Honorary Degree From University of Missouri

The University of Missouri announced on Friday that it had rescinded entertainer Bill Cosby's honorary degree following a vote by the university's Board of Curators. The decision followed a recommendation for degree removal from school president Mun Choi, who cited sexual-assault ...

Nike’s Latest Campaign Stars Vogue Dancing Legend Leiomy Maldonado

She's known as "the Wonder Woman of Vogue"

Preferential Rent Treatment Is Hurting New York City's Poorest Neighborhoods

If you’ve ridden the New York City subway lately, chances are you’ve seen posters promising relief from the city’s soaring housing costs. Featuring smiling tenants with names like Catalina, Evelio and Estella, the ads hold out the promise of a rent freeze if you live in one of the more than 800,000 ...

5 Songs You Need to Listen to This Week

This week, DJ Khaled finally released his feature-stacked album Grateful, with collaborators like Alicia Keys and Nicki Minaj as highlights of the pack. Former America’s Got Talent breakout star and ukulele master Grace VanderWaal debuts a summery, upbeat new single. One of the top songs from Broadway hit Dear Evan Hansen gets an Owl City…

People Are Posting Selfies With 24-Inch Slices of Pizza

Enough for even your biggest pizza cravings

The World’s Ugliest Dogs of the Last 10 Years

Each year, one lucky pooch is crowned with the dubious title of “World’s Ugliest Dog” at the annual Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, California. It’s both an honor and a burden, of course, recognizing that these canines have their fair share of superficial flaws — but also are lovable pets in their own right. Beauty, after…

Why Single-Payer Health Care Could Work in California

The California State Assembly will be busy this summer continuing to shape SB-562, a statewide universal health-care bill that passed the Senate last month. The legislation aims to create a so-called single-payer system: a unified public insurance pool that would cover all residents' health-care ...

A Second Mistrial Declared for University of Cincinnati Officer Who Killed an Unarmed Man at a Traffic Stop

The jury in the trial of Ray Tensing, a University of Cincinnati police officer who shot and killed Sam DuBose, an unarmed black man, in 2015 deadlocked on Friday morning. It marked the second mistrial for Tensing, after a jury in November also failed to come to a verdict. Tensing ...

Department of Justice Backs Texas' Controversial Law Banning Sanctuary Cities

The Department of Justice issued a statement on Friday backing Texas in a controversial case over a state law that has been described as a ban on sanctuary cities. The law, known as Senate Bill 4, which is set to take effect in September, would allow police officers to inquire about ...

Anthony Hopkins Scared the Fava Beans Out of Fans Watching Silence of the Lambs

You'd be scared if Hannibal Lecter showed up, too

Don't Miss Out on Today's Best Amazon Deals

As a recurring feature, our team combs the Web and shares some amazing Amazon deals we’ve turned up. Here’s what caught our eye today, June 23.

This Intrepid Gorilla Dancer Unanimously Won the Hearts of the Internet

What a feeling!

Why Your iPhone Doesn't Always Show You the 'Decline Call' Button

Sometimes you have to slide to answer, and sometimes you are offered "accept" and "decline" buttons. Why the difference?

Of Course Lil Wayne’s Mansion Came Ready to Party With a Lagoon Full of Sharks

Every week was Shark Week for rapper Lil Wayne — before he sold his stocked Miami pad this week, that is. Originally purchased in 2011 for $11.6 million, Weezy offloaded the nine-bedroom contemporary mansion on Monday for $10 million, public records show. (He originally listed it for $18 million in 2015, but looks like luxury…

How to Make Stuffed Meatballs

Homemade meatballs make a delicious meal, but if you'd like to make them extra special, stuff them with rich cheese. Combine a basic meatball mixture using ground beef or a combination of beef and lamb. Wrap the meatball mixture around your favorite cheese (like mozzarella), so the cheese is encased in meat. You can then fry the meatballs for a quick and crispy dish or bake them for tender meatballs. Serve the stuffed meatballs immediately, so the gooey cheese can ooze out of them.

8 Facts You Might Not Know About the Donner Party

Abraham Lincoln briefly considered going with them.

Lady Gaga Casually Wore Glamorous Stiletto Heels to Go Hiking As One Does

As one does

Sequoia Sent to Idaho by John Muir Will Be Uprooted and Moved Two Blocks

The tree was planted in Boise more than a century ago.

A Bibliography of Limits

In the wake of my article last month revisiting the 1972 Limits to Growth study ("The Fallacy of Endless Economic Growth"), I received a number of letters from folks interested in wider reading on the subject. There's not much to be found. Our growthist civilization doesn't countenance an end to ...

Jimmy Kimmel Discovers a Future ‘Trump’ While Chatting With Kids About Health Care

"Basically, I want to be a Trump guy"

This Is Where the Word ‘History’ Comes From

The word 'history' evolved from an ancient Greek verb, but its definition has changed over the years

Watch These Japanese Elementary Schoolers Set a Guinness World Record for Jump Rope

The school just edged out the previous record, which belonged to their rivals.

10 Unlikely TV Shows That Got Turned Into Video Games

From cooking shows to sketch comedies, these popular TV shows were the subject of some unlikely video games.

Welcome to America’s Northernmost Town: Barrow, Alaska

For most of the year, the only way to get to or from the town is by plane.

How Nudges Can Save Governments Money

In social science parlance, a "nudge" is a simple intervention that shapes people's behavior without restricting their choices or costing them money (so no bans or fines). Perhaps the most famous nudge involves automatically enrolling new employees in retirement-savings plans, with the ability ...

Strong Words: The Book That Went on Trial for Murder

Can a book on how to murder people be held liable for a real-life crime?

12 Secrets of Video Game Testers

They work crazy long hours—but they might get to meet their heroes.

Why Do Humans Need to Warm Up Before Exercising?

Simon A. asks: Why do people need to warm up before exercise? Many animals don’t seem to have such an issue, like a cat going from completely still to sprinting after prey. So what exactly is going on internally that makes doing some activity with a warm up first less injury prone than if one just jumps into it? Or [...]

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Are Children of Single Parents Less Satisfied With Life?

No question about it: Single parenthood is hard work. You give your kids all you can, hoping that, even without a partner, you can provide a solid platform for their future success and happiness.New research from Germany suggests that is an uphill battle. "Growing up with a single mother—in ...

Morning Cup of Links: The History of Breakdancing

Get ready for the weekend with a good supply of links!

Viewfinder: Protesting the Senate's Health-Care Bill in D.C.

Police arrest a woman protesting against the Senate Republicans' draft health-care bill outside the Capitol Hill office of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on June 22nd, 2017.

Police arrest a woman protesting against the Senate Republicans' draft health-care bill outside the Capitol Hill office of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on June 22nd, 2017.

How to Make a Liquid Density Lava Lamp

No actual lava is involved.

How to Solve the Pendulum

A pendulum is an object consisting of a mass suspended from a pivot so that it can swing freely. The mathematics of pendulums are governed by the differential equation d2θdt2+glsin⁡θ=0{\displaystyle {\frac {{\mathrm {d} }^{2}\theta }{{\mathrm {d} }t^{2}}}+{\frac {g}{l}}\sin \theta =0} which is a nonlinear equation in θ.{\displaystyle \theta .} Here, g≈9.8 ms−2{\displaystyle g\approx 9.8\ {\text{m}}\,{\text{s}}^{-2}} is the gravitational acceleration, and l{\displaystyle l} is the length of the pendulum. Simple pendulums can be used to measure the local gravitational acceleration to within 3 or 4 significant figures.

How to Reduce Political Polarization in Your Own Life

Political polarization is at an all-time high in the United States. It seems like just about everyone is picking a side, and rejecting anyone else who isn’t on the same page. This separation can affect meaningful relationships and place a wedge between you and those you love. You don’t have to live with this polarization, however, if you respect other opinions, stay away from the media, and educate yourself on politics.

Retrobituaries: Buffalo Calf Road Woman, Custer's Final Foe

She may have been the last person to see George Armstrong Custer alive.

These Intricate Models of Urban Buildings Even Have Graffiti

This artist is able to get the tiniest details right.

Federal Agencies Are Failing to Report a Range of Crime Statistics to the FBI's National Database

In violation of a longstanding legal mandate, scores of federal law enforcement agencies are failing to submit statistics to the Federal Bureau of Investigation's national hate crimes database, ProPublica has learned.The lack of participation by federal law enforcement represents a significant and ...

11 Brilliant Wedding Gifts That Won't Cost You Anything

You can give thoughtful gifts that the happy couple will love without breaking the bank.

Dogs Join the Search for Amelia Earhart’s Remains

The National Geographic Society has paid to send forensic dogs to the island of Nikumaroro.

5 Robots That Screwed Up Big-Time

A newsbot reported an earthquake—almost a century later.

Man's Personal Ad from 1865 Goes Viral More Than 150 Years Later

The listing is proof that courtship rituals come and go, but the power of a good smile endures forever.

Why Does Humid Weather Make Hair Frizzy?

Blame chemistry.

Mexico City Launches a Competition for Official Emoji

How do you capture an entire metropolis in just a few tiny images?

The Threat Facing Isolated Indigenous Groups in the Ecuadorean Amazon

In the depths of the Ecuadorian Amazon, on its border with Peru, indigenous communities have been denouncing what they say is an uncontrolled onslaught of illegal logging and hunting. They claim that Peruvians traffickers penetrate into their territory along the Curaray River in the province of ...

The Science Behind Your Craving for Lip Balm

There's a good reason people have an obsessive need to moisturize their mouth.

How Scientists Use Old Museum Specimens to Make New Findings

Surprisingly, samples collected on an expedition from 1901−1904 look remarkably similar to those collected today.

One Bite From This Tick Can Make You Allergic to Bacon

People bitten by the Lone Star tick can develop a sudden and dangerous allergy to pork, beef, and lamb.

11 Things You Might Not Know About Eid Al-Fitr

More than 1 billion Muslims around the world are celebrating Eid al-Fitr this month.

Italian Airport Makes Pesto Sauce an Exception to the Liquids Ban

Before the waiver, hundreds of pesto jars were seized at security.

Why Medicaid Is Worth Dying For

This morning, ADAPT, America's leading direct-action disability rights group, seized the hallway and staged a die-in outside the office of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. There was literally blood on the floor. The images of disabled men and women being dragged from in front of ...

The Senate's Obamacare Repeal Bill Does Exactly What You Think It Would

After weeks of much-criticized secret negotiations, the Senate released on Thursday a "discussion draft" of its Affordable Care Act repeal bill, the "Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017." While policy wonks are still dissecting the legislation, here are the big changes this bill makes to the ...

12 Intriguing Facts About the Intestines

Did you know your gut may influence how you respond to medical treatment?

A New Breakthrough for How We Treat Depression

Neuroscience researchers are hailing a breakthrough that might make deep-brain stimulation—used as an experimental treatment for depression—less costly and invasive.Deep-brain stimulation (DBS) is a technique wherein electrodes are planted in the brain to alter neural activity and so treat ...

How to Stop Giving Unsolicited Advice

It is tempting to offer unsolicited advice. Knowledge and solutions take a long time to learn. However, unsolicited advice typically inspires a defensive reaction, since people need to maintain their autonomy in life and decision-making. Unless specifically asked, it is usually better to keep your advice to yourself. Instead, focus on modeling the behaviors you want to see in the world and reflect on the reasons for wanting to share your advice.

Americans Are Buying More—and More Lethal—Guns

American manufacturing may be in decline, but new research suggests one sector of the industrial economy can't churn out products fast enough.Unfortunately—at least from a public-health perspective—that would be firearms manufacturers.A new study published in the American Journal of Preventive ...

Pour One Out for the Zooplankton

The Trump administration's plans to revive oil and gas exploration off the Atlantic coast moved forward earlier this month with a proposal to allow five energy companies to use seismic air guns. Environmental groups immediately spoke out against the proposal, citing evidence that the devices, which ...

Tax the Rich and Build the Trails

Public lands proponents everywhere are rightfully worried about the multi-billion-dollar deferred maintenance backlog that is plaguing the federal domain. The trails and roads that crisscross our national parks and forests are eroding, clogged with brush, or buried by fallen trees. Historic ranger ...

Can Trump's Disability Czar Be Trusted?

Though they don't often make headlines, commissioners of smaller government agencies have an outsized influence in the lives of marginalized groups in the United States. Disabled Americans are particularly dependent on federal programs to guarantee their basic civil rights and access to public ...

Viewfinder: Beating the Heat Near Paris

A man and a boy wash and cool off their dog with the water of an opened fire hydrant.

A man and a boy wash and cool off their dog with the water of an opened fire hydrant in Pantin near Porte de La Villette, north of Paris, on June 21st, 2017.

How to Work Out to Prevent Hunched Shoulders

Hunched or rolled shoulders can result from long days sitting in front of the computer, but a good workout can help you open up your back and strengthen your muscles. Stretching can keep your shoulders and back limber. Strength training can encourage good posture, especially if you work your upper body. Core exercises are important too, as they will improve your general posture and keep your spine straight.

How to Stress Less About Your Career Path when Preparing for College

Preparing for college can be stressful. In addition to applications, entrance exams, and interviews, students are under pressure to choose a major and career path. You can reduce your stress levels by putting things into perspective, finding someone to talk to about your possible choices, and avoiding negative and judgmental people. Exploring different career paths can also help you stress less and make an informed decision about your career path.

Examining the Future of What Families Can Look Like

In 2017, the fight both for and against equality for the LGBTQ community has grown fiercer. Progress, on the one hand, can be seen in the seven states that have introduced comprehensive non-discrimination bills, preventing discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. Yet, ...

Breastfeeding Has Health Benefits for Moms Too

Breast feeding has many health benefits for babies, but few American mothers continue the practice for the recommended full year. Their reasons for stopping are not a mystery: There are a variety of disincentives to continuing the practice, including stigma and a loss of income.Well, a ...

Asia and Africa Can Learn From Each Other When It Comes to Rhino Conservation

On June 14th, a routine scanning of baggage at Johannesburg’s OR Tambo Airport revealed a grim contraband. A Vietnamese citizen's suitcase contained 63.3 pounds of poached rhino horns worth an estimated $462,000 on the black market. The shocking discovery came only three days after two Chinese ...

ACLU Sues D.C. Police Over Inauguration Day Arrests

The American Civil Liberties Union of the District of Columbia is suing Washington, D.C., police over how they handled protesters on the day of President Donald Trump's inauguration. The complaint alleges that the Metropolitan Police Department fired pepper spray and stun grenades at ...

Girls Scouts to Earn Badges for Cybersecurity Skills

Starting in 2018, Girl Scouts in the United States will be able to earn badges in cybersecurity to sew on their signature vests. Eighteen new badges, which will span skills that can be picked up by the Girl Scout USA's K-12 membership, will be introduced in September of 2018, a press ...

The Number of Homeless People in Hawaii Is Decreasing

For the first time in nearly a decade, Hawaii's homeless population is falling.Data released last month shows that, while the archipelago still has the highest homelessness rate in the United States, in the last year the number of homeless people across the state has fallen by 9 ...

What Did You See in That Painting?

Not long ago, I visited the Kerry James Marshall career retrospective at Los Angeles' Museum of Contemporary Art. Following my usual pattern at art exhibits, I typically gave one of the large, busy paintings a quick glance to see what popped out at me. I then read the descriptive information posted ...

The CIA’s Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test That Went Horribly Wrong

The following is an article from Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader For decades rumors have swirled around the CIA’s testing of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) in the 1960s. In seeking a knockout drug weapon, did the CIA slip substances to unsuspecting patsies? The answer is yes. And Frank Olson was the man who paid the heaviest price. BEHIND CLOSED DOORS The [...]

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The Juice Commercial That Pissed Off the Entire Disabled Community

Zuma Juice sells a powder that, when combined with cold water, becomes a "green juice that you can drink any time." Zuma is a new player in the massive powdered drinks market; founded just last January, the company has already entered a growing niche of nutritional beverages that you can order by ...

How to Make Ice Cream Nachos

Ice cream nachos make a delightful and sweet treat, whether it's to satisfy a sugar craving or for a simple dessert. The nacho chips are made with tortillas and coated with sugar and cinnamon. Once baked, it's topped with ice cream and served warm.

Yet Again, Syria Raises Concerns Over Trump's Ties to Russia

Washington and Moscow appeared at greater odds this week, after the United States downed a Syrian warplane that American officials said had threatened U.S. operations against the Islamic State militants in Syria. Russia strongly opposed what the U.S. called a defensive measure; a Russian fighter ...

Seceding School Districts Leave Vulnerable Kids Behind

For the last several decades, schools in Memphis, Tennessee, have been locked in a battle with their suburban neighbors over education funding. When many of the city's wealthy, white families fled to the surrounding suburbs of Shelby County (and a separate school district) in the 1970s, the two ...