Jordy Nelson ahead of schedule on ACL rehab

Injury "Looks great" five months after suffering year-ending injury

McCarthy also commented on Jordy Nelson. The Packers wide receiver suffered a significant right knee injury in the Packers preseason matchup versus the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was out for the season.

Mike McCarthy said he fells that Nelson will come back next season better than ever. The coach said Nelson is “so far ahead with rehab,” and that he “looks great.” (

FF Today’s Take: While Nelson’s absence wasn’t the only problem Green Bay faced on offense this year, it proved to be the hardest one to overcome. Randall Cobb disappointed as the lead receiver while Davante Adams failed to live up to Aaron Rodgers‘ expectations during a injury-ruined sophomore season. Nelson will be 31 in May and is coming off a major knee injury, but he will be over 12 months into his recovery by next September. He should be considered a WR2 with upside in 2016.

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