Redskins RB Matt Jones will not lose touches due to ball security issues

Washington Redskins running back Matt Jones has dealt with fumbling issues this season. He has already lost two. Of course with just three career games, it’s a very small sample size. Jones did not have fumbling issues at Florida. Head coach Jay Gruden says he will not shy away from Jones because of this issue. “Definitely you’re concerned,” Gruden said. “The two biggest traits in a back are durability and ball security, and he’s proved to be pretty durable so far, but the ball security thing is an issue. We’ve got to get it corrected hellip; We’re not going to shy away from giving him the ball. When he does get the ball, he’s a force to be reckoned with, but he’s got to protect the ball.”
FANTASY ANALYSIS: Jones has looked really good this season aside from the fumbles. While two lost fumbles in three games is bad, odds are it’s more of an aberration than anything else. He’s not going to lose 11 fumbles this season. So far this season he has 189 yards and two TDs on 5.3 yards per carry. Alfred Morris has 1199 yards and no TDs on 4.1 YPC. Jones has looked like the better back to this point. Again, it’s a very small sample size.

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