Saints QB Drew Brees could miss ‘several games’ with a shoulder injury

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is in danger of missing “several games” with a shoulder injury according to Ian Rapoprt. While this is a huge blow to the Saints, this could have been much worse. Rumors had surfaced that he had a torn rotator cuff, however, an MRI revealed Brees avoided a major injury. He’s experienced weakness and pain in his shoulder. There is no set timetable for a return. It reportedly depends on how he responds to treatment.
FANTASY ANALYSIS: This is a devastating knock to any slim shot the Saints had of winning anything this season. In his absence, commercial making extraordinaire Luke McCown will be the starter. He’s the more heavily endorsed of the McCown brothers. Aside from his rare talent when it comes to making Verizon commercials, he not exactly quite as good at being an NFL quarterback. This is a huge blow to all the Saints skill position players. Most notably Brandin Cooks.

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