Rams RB Todd Gurley will not be rushed back because the team’s struggles rushing the ball

St. Louis Rams running back Todd Gurley (ACL) is nearing his NFL debut. However, he will play when he’s ready and the fact the Rams have struggled to run the ball will have no impact on his return. Head coach Jeff Fisher was asked if they would rush him back and he answered emphatically. “No,” Fisher said. “Todd’s going to play when he’s ready to play. It’s a non-factor. I’ve been saying this since he got here: When he’s ready, he’s going to play, regardless of what’s happening around him. But he is getting closer hellip; It’s just he needs the experience, he needs the reps, so he can carry confidence into the game.”
FANTASY ANALYSIS: While there isn’t really much else Fisher can say in this situation, he seems to be telling the truth. The Rams are taking their time easing Gurley into action. Even once he is active, odds are he won’t see much of a workload. The Rams have invested in Gurley’s long-term future. They seem more concerned with having him for the long haul than him giving everything he’s got to help the team now. Probably a wise decision.