Cardinals RB David Johnson’s role will increase ‘each week’

Arizona Cardinals running back David Johnson is still the backup to Chris Johnson. However, he has been by far the most impressive back in Arizona. Unfortunately, head coach Bruce Arians is not overly eager to roll with rookies. Nonetheless, Arians is opened into easing Johnson into a larger role each week. “Each week it will increase a little bit,” Arians said. “He had a nice eight-yard per carry average. Chris (Johnson) is still the starter and we will keep bringing him along. He will have a vital role every week, just how big we will wait and see.”
FANTASY ANALYSIS: Johnson owners are sitting around frustrated with Johnson on their bench. He is visibly better than CJ2K and maybe even better than Andre Ellington. Definitely healthier than Ellington if nothing else. If he continues to look as good as he has, eventually he’s going to become the lead back in Arizona. No matter how stubborn Arians is when it comes to rookies, eventually, something’s going to good. You can’t ignore production forever. Be patient, his day is rapidly approaching.

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